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Love Is Blind..

...Or otherwise known as 'almost every Khaleeji marriage story'.

One day you're in high school worrying about your SAT scores because you're obsessed with getting into a great college and changing the world and the next, you're 31, in a dead-end career, and rushing home to stuff your face with burgers and finish binge-watching Netflix's latest hit show Love Is Blind.

I'm not going to lie, at first I was thoroughly ashamed of myself for watching a Nick Lachey-created Reality Show -- for I am a woman who has prided herself in watching long boring, highly detailed and informative historical documentaries for most of her life. But when Jessica asked Barnett if he still felt the same way about her and he *gasp* said not really....

.... a girl was shooketh, then a girl was hooked.

I'm not going to lie, the Jess/Barnett part got me hooked but what kept me watching was by far Giannina's multiple personalities. It was like a show in a show, with this woman. And no, i'm not taking any digs here -- if anything, I had my notebook and pen out and I WAS TAKING ALL THE NOTES. This is the psychotic energy I aspire to bring into both my career and personal life. Why be stable when you can be ... not stable.

Anyway, two days later and three cheeseburgers into some of the greatest love stories that ever graced reality TV, it all came to an end on my screen. Now I am in dire need of my next guilty pleasure / cheesy / cringe-worthy binge.

Til then, let this be our little secret ...and it's back to Hitler's Circle of Evil for "educated, sophisticated moi."